Commercial Projects

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kailua_longs_DSC00564.jpgKailua Longs Store
(Kailua, Hawaii; Windward Oahu)

Set in the heart of the town’s shopping district, the new Longs drug store complex provides space for several small specialty shops. The limited planting space creates a refreshing soft green buffer facing Kailua Road.


KonaCommons-3523.jpgKona Commons, Phase 1
(Kailua-Kona, Hawaii; Kona Coast of Hawaii)

Located north of historic Kailua-Kona, on the island of Hawaii, Kona Commons, Phase I, houses both large and small retailers. The landscape design emphasizes the use of native and introduced plants in a pedestrian oriented shopping development. The plants were selected for their heat and semi-drought tolerance. Crushed lava rock is used in naturalized, non-irrigated areas.


Kukui_Plaza-007.jpgKukui Plaza
(Honolulu, Hawaii; Oahu)

Kukui Plaza is one of first, contemporary, Planned Urban Developments in Honolulu. Kukui Plaza consists of two residential towers with a commercial development at the corner of North Beretania and Fort Street. A extremely large roof top garden is located on the third floor of the residential towers. The landscape design focused on the three different property entrances. Each area is given it’s own sense of identity while celebrating their connections by using common design elements, such as, plants, signage and lighting.


Nordstrums_Ward_Center-0003244.jpgNordstrums Ward Center
(Honolulu, Hawaii; Oahu)

Nordstrums Ward Center is a retail store renovation to the existing Ward Center complex. The site is located at the corner of Kamakee Street and Ala Moana Boulevard. The landscape is designed to complement the new building facade, be ‘low’ maintenance (or easily maintained), and to blend in with the existing development.


Tony_Honda-0012.jpgTony Honda Mililani Technology Park
(Mililani, Hawaii; Central Oahu)

Tony Honda Mililani is an offsite vehicle staging area for a large car dealership. The project is located in a commercial development that requires visual screening of the parking lots. The screening is accomplished by using landscape berms ranging from three to five feet high. A Beach Naupaka hedge (native plants) on the berms provide additional screening for the site.


Verizon-0507.jpgVerizon Wireless MSC Mililani Technology Park
(Mililani, Hawaii; Central Oahu)

Verizon Wireles MSC is a high technology facility located on Oahu. The project is a secure site. The architect incorporated parapet/ perimeter walls and raised planter walls infront of the building for added protection. The landscape design consists of parking lot screening, perimeter plantings, and enhancing the front of the building. The development property management required that the client minimizes the visual impact of their project on the adjacent landowners. The plant selection included plants that prefer cooler temperatures and more moisture than normally found in lower elevations. Special planting design emphasis were given to the raised planters when viewed from inside the building.


Ward_Center_Addition-0112.jpgWard Center Auahi Street Shops
(Honolulu, Hawaii; Oahu)

Ward Center Auahi Street Shops is a retail development built on the ground level of a existing parking lot structure. The landscaping consists of ornamental native and tropical plants. The sidewalk planters celebrate the use of native plants in a commercial application. The tropical plants add the color, forms and visual images visitors expect to see in Hawaii. Gas Tiki Torches, specified by the architect, reinforce the experience.


Ward_Shoppes-.jpgWard Gateway Commercial Center
(Honolulu, Hawaii; Oahu)

Ward Gateway Commercial Center is a small retail center located on the corner of Ward Avenue and Auahi Street. The landscape is designed to enhance the views of the building, beautify the driveway entrances and create a low barrier/ seperation between the outdoor dininig areas and the public sidewalks.


Zippys_Kahului-.jpgZippys Restaurant Maui
(Kahului, Hawaii; Central Maui)

Zippys’s Restaurant is located on the old Kahului sugar mill property. The landscape design consist of perimeter plantings, parking lot landscaping, and automatic irrigation.